Guggenheim Investment Advisors (Suisse) S.A. (“GIA (Suisse)”) is an investment advisor member of the Association Suisse the Gérants de Fortune (ASG)

GIA (Suisse), is a wholly owned subsidiary of LJ Partnership, providing investment management and family office services to families, high net worth individuals and foundations.

LJ is a Private Wealth Partnership, a collaboration of families and entrepreneurs from across a range of industries, continents and cultures, who have sought to take more control of their wealth. LJ’s subsidiaries include Guggenheim Partners Latin America Inc. (“GPLA”), Guggenheim Investment Advisors (Suisse) S.A. (“GIA (Suisse)”), GGH Partners Portugal SGP, S.A (“GWMP”) and Guggenheim Investment Advisors (Hong Kong) Limited (“GIA (HK)”) which have been providing wealth management and family office services to high net worth individuals and foundations in Latin America, Switzerland, Portugal and Hong Kong since 2001.

GIA (HK), GPLA, GIA (Suisse) and GWMP were acquired by LJ Partnership and its predecessors from Guggenheim Partners, LLC and its affiliates (collectively, “Guggenheim Partners”). Clients of these entities benefit from access to various investments through a strategic collaboration between LJ Partnership and Guggenheim Partners.